ONCA Workshop Information

Please find below information and records of our Zoom series of workshops to help you update your Constitution/Articles and By-laws to be ONCA compliant; please see the dates below. Most of these sessions will be recorded and posted on our website.

  • ONCA-Bylaws DIY Workbook AHOA 2024 Click Here
  • For the workshop PowerPoint, Click Here 
  • For the session survey, Click Here
  • Ag Society Constitution and By-Laws Template document, Click Here
  • IMPORTANT – this document has been updated as of April 19, 2024. Please review for information that has been added/modified or removed in regards to several topics that have been changed since it was first posted
  • Overview of Requirements for Ag Society Constitution Articles & Bylaws document Click Here
  • Recording from March 4th Click Here
  • Recording for March 14th Click Here
  • Recording for March 21st Click Here
  • Template Review Recording for March 27th Click Here

Short videos created from our recordings by Benjamin Miller

Drop-in Q&A Times