Welcome to the Ontario
Association of Agricultural Societies

Welcome to the official members’ website for the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS).

The OAAS is the provincial association representing over 210 Agricultural Societies from across the province.

This is accomplished through many avenues including but not limited to our website, newsletters, webinars, and convention and assistance our staff and directors.

The OAAS is governed by a Provincial Board consisting of the President, Past President and 15 Provincial Directors – one director from each of the fifteen districts in the province.

The highlight of the year for the OAAS is the annual convention, which takes place in mid-February. The convention, which brings together upwards of 1000 delegates from all across the province, provides the OAAS Members with education, information, and networking opportunities that are meant to improve the operations of the individual agricultural societies.


 “Inspiring and Supporting Ontario Agricultural Societies”


The OAAS provides leadership, guidance, education, and resources for its member Agricultural Societies.