Meritorious Service Award

The OAAS recognizes an individual(s) who has given long-time dedicated and meritorious service to the Agricultural Society.

The award can be given to a husband and wife jointly.

It is meant to honour an individual who contributes time and energy to an Agricultural Society and whose work meets the following requirements.

Who is Eligible?

  1. An individual who has made a significant contribution as a volunteer, leader or committee member to the Agricultural Society.
  2. Well deserving individual without whom our societies would be lost.

The ‘Meritorious Service Award’ should not be awarded routinely to members of the Executive – i.e. at the end of a President’s term.

The recipient will receive an OAAS stoned lapel pin and a personalized ‘OAAS Meritorious Service Award’ certificate. (If the award is given jointly to a couple – they will each receive a pin).

Certificate will be forwarded to your Society for presentation at an Agricultural Society event.

Certificate must be ordered at least four (4) weeks prior to presentation.

Each OAAS Member Society can present one (1) Meritorious Service Award’ per year.

Signed by: OAAS President and Society President

$10.00 per certificate ($11.30 including HST) 


  1. Regular post included with certificate cost.
    NOTE: OAAS cannot guarantee delivery and will not replace lost or delayed certificates sent by Regular Post.
  2. Xpresspost – $16.95 + HST.
    NOTE: Multiple certificates ($10 each) on the same order will be shipped for the same Xpresspost cost. (Can include Meritorious Service, Accomplishment, Years of Service, and Outstanding Youth Recognition award certificates in the same package for same price).

Application for: Meritorious Service Award

Complete the application form below.

You will be prompted to enter your credit card information.

NOTE: To pay by cheque, complete the online form but do not complete the payment portion. Your request will be put in pending until we receive your cheque. Mail cheque to OAAS, 1911 Foxboro-Stirling Rd, Stirling ON K0K 3E0. Please order 5 weeks in advance if you are paying by cheque.

    NOTE: You must select the SUBMIT button for each form to be submitted. Once you hit the SUBMIT button, you will receive a Thank You page saying your request has been received. Bottom of Form

    Certificate must be ordered at least four (4) weeks prior to presentation; five (5) weeks if paying by cheque.

    If you have not received the award 2 weeks prior to presentation date, please email or phone OAAS at (613) 395-2465.