Building Community Leaders/ONCA Information

Building Community LEADERS/ ONCA Information

The OAAS is pleased to provide programs and information to assist our agricultural societies to build leadership skills and strong agricultural society boards and assist them to update their governance documents.

Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) Information – since the ONCA legislation was introduced in 2021, the OAAS has been working to secure information and resources to assist our agricultural societies to ensure that their current Constitution and By-laws are compliant with ONCA and the Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act (AHOA).  We have held several seminars/webinars and the information and recordings are listed under the ONCA Workshop Information dropdown.

Note: You can register for future workshops under the Webinars tab.  

Building Community LEADERS program – Starting in 2024, OAAS will host several workshops across the province to offer the opportunity for two executive members from each agricultural society to participate in leadership and governance training.

  • Workshops – Each two-day workshop will use an experiential approach to deliver leadership, governance, risk management practices, and community engagement skills to participants.

Board Member Training – The OAAS has partnered with the Alberta Agricultural Societies for an excellent gamed-based online Board Member Training program. This training covers topics such as governance, board meetings, board structure, communication, roles and responsibilities, board development, risk management, and planning and strategic direction.

The theory of game-based learning (GBL) involves a new way of training volunteers and employees. We are talking about the use of games for learning. The demand for gamified content is increasing and getting more and more varied, with video games designed for nearly all target audiences and sectors.

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