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Agricultural Societies In Ontario

The over 200 Agricultural Societies are nonpartisan, grassroots, volunteer based organizations whose primary objective is to encourage an awareness of agriculture and to promote improvements in the quality of life of persons living in an agricultural community.

The Objectives of Ontario Agricultural Societies

The objectives of an agricultural society are to encourage an awareness of agriculture and to promote improvements in the quality of life of persons living in an agricultural community by:

  • Researching the needs of the agricultural community and developing programs to meet those needs
  • Holding agricultural exhibitions featuring competitions for which prizes may be awarded
  • Promoting the conservation of natural resources
  • Encouraging the beautifications of the agricultural community
  • Supporting and providing facilities to encourage activities intended to enrich rural life
  • Conducting or promoting horse races when authorized to do so by a by-law of the society

Not every society will be engaged in all of the activities listed, however all societies should be engaged in activities that encourage agricultural awareness and improve the quality of life of the persons living in their community.

Benefits From Ontario Agricultural Societies

Local and Provincial economies receive a direct benefit:

  • Agricultural benefits
  • Family appeal
  • Helps keep communities on the map
  • A sense of community is strengthened
  • Urban and rural communities alike can learn about agriculture
  • Development of Youth through Ambassador Programs, 4-H Clubs and Activities, Junior Farmers
  • Promotion of tourism
  • Provides opportunities in leadership
  • Other groups and service clubs realize fund raising goals through fair participation

Ontario Agricultural Societies through their activities, programs and services, deliver direct, indirect and induced benefit to the Ontario Government with great significance to the rural and urban population. The benefits include:

  • Strengthening the agricultural economy
  • Providing tax revenues
  • Increasing agricultural education
  • Increasing agricultural awareness
  • Providing entertainment
  • Strengthening rural life
  • Increasing and enhancing tourism
  • Providing rural and urban exposure
  • Strengthening the food chain

Agricultural Awareness

Ontario's Agricultural Societies are a nonpartisan medium through which new technologies can be shown and displayed to the general public. Annual fairs/exhibitions provide a means of educating the consumer as to how Ontario food is produced and delivered to the dinner table, "From Farm to Table". The agricultural fair provides agricultural awareness, education programs and 4-H and Jr. Farmer opportunities to encourage further youth involvement in agriculture and their communities.

The Societies provide an opportunity for individuals to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills as they progress through committees, to the executive and on the provincial boards. Many of these people are key leaders within the agricultural community and beyond.

Agricultural Volunteers Throughout Ontario

  • over 200 fairs in all areas on Ontario
  • 4300 or more directors staffing these fairs
  • 8200 service groups present or exhibiting
  • 24,000 volunteers support the directors
  • 4,500,000 or more attend on Ontario fair
  • 3,000,000 dollars paid in prize money