2021 Convention

At the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel & Suites and Conference Centre

See you Feb. 18-20, 2021

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Kathryn Lambert,

Convention Administrator

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Phone: 519-287-3553

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We have implemented a new process for collecting the updated Fair information for the” Ontario Fairs and Exhibitions Directory” this year.  We are using the AssistExpo program for the first time to collect this Information.   Our hope is that it should simplify the process for collecting this information as well as ensuring that the information is accurate, and that no information is missed. 

The information package has already been sent out to the Primary Contact (i.e. Secretary, General Manager, etc.) for each Fair.  They will be required to input all the information for your Fair i.e. Fair Date, location, and Contact information into the AssistExpo program. We are not accepting this information by email this year

If your Primary Contact is not able to or unavailable to input this information using the AssistExpo software, the Fair will need to designate another person to be responsible for inputting this information and keeping it up to date. If you have any questions, please contact the OAAS Manager.

It is very IMPORTANT that applicable fields on the form are filled out accurately.  The information on these forms will be used to create the printed “Ontario Fairs and Exhibitions Directory” and update the Ontario Fairs website and Agricultural Society Contact lists for Office Manager. 

The deadline to submit the fair information is February 28th but we would appreciate the Fairs inputting their information on the system as promptly as possible.  Any information submitted after February 28th will more than likely not be included in the printed “2020 Ontario Fairs and Exhibitions Directory” to be distributed across Ontario.  Any changes after that date will be updated on the Ontario Fairs website.

NOTE: Changes to the Fair information on the OAAS website will not be done until after March 25 as the information has to be manually updated for each fair.

We will be posting a list of the 2020 Fair Dates on the website shortly with a note that the Fair Information will be updated after March 25th.

This new system will also allow the Agricultural Society Contact to log in at any time during the year and update their Fair or Contact information (i.e. Contact person’s email address changes), and the Office Manager will be notified of the change.  This should assist to keep our records and the Fair Information on the website current.

To access the basic instructions, please click on this link or go to the “Member Services” tab and select the “AssistExpo Directory Information for Primary Fair Contact” document

If there are any questions or you require more detailed instructions while completing the form, click on this link or go to the “Member Services’ tab and select the “AssistExpo Directory Detailed Instructions for Primary Fair Contact” document.