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OAAS has received a couple of requests from Agricultural Societies looking for some information on holding virtual and/or modified Judging Competitions. i.e. what did you do; what went well, what you would change, etc.

We are looking for your assistance at this time

  1. Agricultural Societies  that would like to share their experiences from 2020 in our Webinar
  2. Agricultural Societies that would be willing to share their experiences individually with other Agricultural Societies that are looking for some information and suggestions on holding a virtual or modified Judging Competition or Showcase this year.

If you are interested, please provide me with the following information

  1. Agricultural Society name:
  2. Participation in the Webinar and/ or in speaking directly with other Agricultural Societies
  3. Contact name(s) and contact information (email and /or phone number):
  4. Description of Judging competition you held: Virtual, showcase, modified:

Thank you for providing us with some information to share click here