2021 Convention

At the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel & Suites and Conference Centre

See you Feb. 18-20, 2021

Please Contact

Kathryn Lambert,

Convention Administrator

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 519-287-3553

Book your Hotel Rooms starting MAY 1ST 


• Many small fairs can't get midways
• Do tournaments instead of midways
• Do more ag awareness events and demonstrations to replace
• Many us inflatables

• Feature categories in prize book
• set a year ahead
• prize book cover contest to help pick theme
• Have parade same as theme

Possible themes:
• natural items
• animal
• seasonal
• magic in the air
• Fun for the whole herd (masks from paper plates)
• all roads lead to (your) fair
• aprons and overalls
• lawn decorations contest to advertise the fair
• scarecrows
• aged to perfection
• party in the pumpkin patch
• party till the cows come home
• sunflower fair days- call Spits to get samples to give out ahead of time
• we are growing things together
• autumn treasures
• country roots and rubber boots
• pioneer ways to modern ways
• planes, trains and grains
• bushel basket of apples
• century and a half for rural affair
• wagon wheels and ferris wheels
• apple trees and honey bees
• sap to syrup

• Rock climbing
• axe throwing
• paint ball
• bubble ball
• bubble soccer
• Zucchini races – build into a car right there and race on a track or bring made and race
• Ice cream sundae decorating
• soap box derby
• toilet bowl races- costumes count need 2 people 1 push 1 ride sponsored by plumbing businesses
• talent show – western fair affiliated help to draw contestants
• foot races
• 4H has big impact
• red neck games Olympic games
• carry a greased watermelon
• obstacle course – person pets

• do we put on conflict of interest on agenda every meeting
• can be a sensitive thing
• political connection can not always come into play
• municipal worker on fair board is calling for a conflict of interest
• fairs have code of conduct do they have conflict of interest too?
• What is carried out of the meeting is a problem until minutes are passed nothing can be said
• One fair had the mayor's wife on the board that became an issues
• Conflicts that are declared should be asked to step out during the discussion
• Length of terms should be in the constitution

• Ladies/ mens night –different themes
• truck raffle
• trip raffle
• Dinner theater
• car bingo
• silent auction/ dinner
• mystery theatre
• Pie auction
• purse auction
• quarter auction
• bingo
• Chase the Ace
• dance- local bands
• catering
• Matching funds- scotia bank
• team day- RBC

• Suggestions/ idea for feedback- easy to participate/ read/ understand not easy to receive it
• information booth
• social media
• local papers
• survey monkey/ facebook
• suggestion box – have draw to build incentive
• send out survey to schools – contact principal for direct elicit interest
• Talk to people at event / casual conversation
• use First impressions as a starting point for change
• District evaluators
• use different coloured tickets at gates to see demographics
• When to shut down feedback
• receive phone calls
• negative feedback
• if sponsors/ volunteers see negative feedback may stop participating
• Use Ag-scape to show that curriculum matches with fair content or contact parent councils
• Sub committees to receive feedback get a look from patrons on their take

• How to mentor /double up with senior director
• volunteers pair with director or seasoned volunteer- director
• Train- work with them
• volunteer hours for school
• welcome to attend meetings
• Have a meeting for them to express what they want to do
• recognition for them - make them feel welcome
• Appointed to board can vote on anything except finance
• fair sponsor scout troop
• Need to change constitution to young people not junior director
• partner with 4H will help build numbers
• Try to make the job fun- allow them to bring ideas / implement / report back
• Do a thank you meal/ breakfast
• invite youth groups from Churches to participate

• Saw where there was a need changed something reevaluated
• come to meeting with open mind
• Positivity can be a small thing with big impact
• person who wants change is important to elicit passion
• be receptive to change
• new people= new ideas
• young and older member are good for balance
• play to people's strengths
• Hit by a bus approach individual who runs event writes down everything involved in running event to pass along
• Less overwhelming
• Be open minded not the we've done it this way for the past 100 years attitude
• change layout of fair to create better flow think ahead
• if I don't do it no one else will
• we are there for the people
• get feedback make change constant cycle
• constructive feedback – how can we fit it why did it suck?
• don't rule it out after the first time it might take a few years to take off

• Getting new people for the following year – utilize ambassador
• social media use hashtag
• Bursary
• take to local events
• Attend monthly ag meeting or forward minutes
• split up chaperone duties