Release: The comments expressed below are not the opinion of the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies but rather are comments expressed by delegates during the round table sessions held at the Convention.

Topic 1: Parking and Security

Topic 2: Redesigning the Prize Book

Topic 3: How to Make the Public More Aware of the OAAS

Topic 4: Mentoring New Volunteers

Topic 5: How to Encourage Urban Visitors to Exhibit at the Fair

Topic 6: Farmer's Markets at Your Fair

Topic 7: How to Remove Seasoned Directors / Judges with Dignity

Topic 8: How Do You Use Round Table Information?

Topic 9: Understanding Entertainment Contracts

Topic 10: Improving Morale and Increasing Enthusiasm

Topic 11: No results available
Topic 12: Admission Prices-how to decide / implications of HST

Topic 13: Effective Marketing Tools on a Limited Budget

Topic 14: Starting a Website

Topic 15: How to Encourage New Exhibitors

Topic 16: Keep Going Green

Topic 17: No results available
Topic 18: Becoming a Judge-how to survive the process

Topic 19: How to Improve Displays

Topic 20: What are You Doing to Empower Junior Directors?

Topic: Homecraft Session-Setting up Displays

Topic: Homecraft Session- Homecraft of the Future

Topic: Early Bird Session-Paid Security vs. Volunteers

Topic: Early Bird Session-Unique Entertainment Ideas

Topic: Early Bird Session-Fund Raising Ideas