Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies

Proud Heritage-Promising Future

February 2010

Round Table Results

Topic 1: Combining Ag Education with Junior Exhibits

Topic 2: Using Displays to Promote Livestock, Roots and Vegetables

Topic 3: How to keep Fairs informed about the OAAS

Topic 4: What can OAAS do to promote your fair

Topic 5: Educate and Encouraging Hand Washing

Topic 6: How to Revamp the Convention

Topic 6: How to Revamp the Convention-continued

Topic 7: How to Respond to Animal Rights Groups

Topic 8: Demonstrations that Add Interest to the Fair

Topic 9: Junior Directors-Responsibilities and Recognition

Topic 10: Concerns of small fairs (smaller than $2000 gates)

Topic 11: What to Do when Hiring Children’s Entertainment

Topic 12: Fair Websites-what does and does not work

Topic 13: What Makes A Successful Fair

Topic 14: How to Embrace & Benefit from Ethnic Diversity

Topic 15: What is ‘fair’ remuneration?

Topic 16: Free fun, Novelty Events and Special Attractions

Topic 17: How to Start an Antique Tractor Pull

Topic 18: How to Make Your Fair Environmentally Friendly

Topic 19: Where Do We Find Funding?

Topic 20: Updating Prize lists