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Press Releases

Press Releases of the Association of Ontario Agricultural Societies


In response to the many questions and concerns from Agricultural Societies on their responsibilities regarding Livestock Traceability Requirements,  Guidelines and forms have been posted on our website - <click here>

These documents are intended to assist your Agricultural Society in negotiating all the numerous websites, documents and information that has been provided regarding Livestock Traceability Requirements.

An email with all the documents was sent on July 19 to all Agricultural Societies, Provincial Directors and District Directors and Secretaries.  We ask you to share them with your Livestock Committees and Board Members.

One of documents was the “Traceability Responsibilities for Owners and Exhibitors showing or displaying their livestock on Fairgrounds”.  We suggest you share this document with your Exhibitors, so they are aware of their responsibilities for Livestock Traceability Requirements as it pertains to exhibiting or displaying livestock at our Fairs.

 Our apologies for the lateness of this document, but it has taken a considerable amount of time to verify the information that we have collected from the various CFIA and other agency sites and documents.   

OAAS has worked with CAFE to create the documents to help answer your questions regarding exactly what our Agricultural Societies’ responsibilities are to remain compliant under  the CFIA Traceability Requirements.

We strongly encourage you to review the information on our  website <click here> to ensure that your Agricultural Society is compliant with the Livestock Traceability Requirements and would not face possible penalties due to violations of the Health of Animals Regulations, Part XV (Livestock identification and traceability)

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Stirling, Ontario, February 26, 2018.  The Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS) certainly endorses the appointment of Rob Black to the Senate. At the OAAS Annual General Meeting in Toronto on February 17, Vince Brennan, Office Manager, introduced Black to the members as a voice for rural Ontario and a friend of OAAS.

In the last two years Black has assisted the OAAS with its governance changes and with its development of a strategic plan. His knowledge of policy and structure for organizations has been invaluable to the OAAS as it renewed its structure.

Stirling, Ontario, April 5, 2016. As part of the organization’s ongoing operational plan for renewal, the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS) has recently hired an Office Manager to support the board, executive and organization members across Ontario.

In announcing Vince Brennan, from Stirling, Ontario as the new hire, Elaine Rennie, President of the OAAS noted that “filling this position is another step in our ‘moving forward’ plan for the OAAS and we are on the right track to be more effective, efficient and relevant for our members in to the future”.  Rennie went on to note that “Vince brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Office Manager position from his various current and past organization roles”.

Stirling, Ontario, February 19, 2017. Russell Agricultural Society representative and past Board Member from District 1, Judy McFaul, was installed as the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS) President for a one-year term at the annual Convention in Toronto February 16 to 18, 2017. Over 150 voting Agricultural Societies confirmed McFaul's position and also accepted a newly revised Constitution.

"We are pleased that our membership supports the recommended changes presented to them," said McFaul. "Board Members and Districts have been working towards a new structure, and we appreciate their vision and hard work."

The Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS) today announced a new information partnership with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. The association represents 300 organizations across the province, including 220 agricultural societies. To support this partnership, the OAAS announced at its annual convention in Toronto today that it has placed the Chatham-Kent Community Brandmark on its new website www.ontarioagsocieties.com under the Members Section – Funding.

Recently, the association discovered the Municipality of Chatham-Kent’s Find Funding information database on the Internet. Find Funding Chatham-Kent is a user-friendly, easily searchable database containing links to hundreds of potential funding sources across Canada and beyond, including individual benefactors, private and non-profit foundations, corporate sponsors, and government programs of all kinds. The information database is intended to help local non-profit groups with great ideas for community development to find the funding they need.

February 16, 2013

The Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS) is pleased to announce a new Bio-security Initiative which will see the development of Bio-security Tips and Guidelines for Ontario agricultural fairs.  It is the hope of the OAAS that by increasing awareness about the importance of bio-security, it can assist its members in protecting both the public and the livestock industries in Ontario.  

The OAAS project partner is an Ontario company - Canadian Agri-Services Incorporated - that specializes in the areas of biosecurity, food safety and traceability. The project team will be hosting at least three focus group meetings and gathering information from agricultural societies across the province to determine the current level of bio-security at fairs, and identify any gaps that may exist. The project will result in the development of communication tools that will provide information on how agricultural societies can enahnce bio-security at the various fairs and exhibitions that occur in every region of the province.  

This project demonstrates the commitment of the OAAS in assisting its members in the celebration of rural Ontario.  The OAAS represents over 220 agricultural societies throughout Ontario.

Mark Beaven, General Manager of the OAAS states, "We want our members to be able to provide educational opportunities to the public about farming through the exhibition of poultry and livestock at the fairs.  At the same time, we want to ensure that we are also doing our part to protect the public, the farm animals and the agricultural industry as a whole."

At the conclusion of the initiative in the fall of 2013, the OAAS will be sharing the results with other provinces and their respective agricultural society associations in hopes that bio-security can be enhanced across the country.


Investment in this project has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP). In Ontario, this program is delivered by the Agricultural Adaptation Council.


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