Here are some suggested guidelines as to the Roles and Responsibilities of the District Directors, recognizing that their Roles and Responsibilities will vary from district to district.

A District Agricultural/Homecraft Director will:

  1. Attend all District Board and Annual Meetings.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the District you represent – number of fairs, dates, locations etc.
  3. Keep a current list of key people in each Agricultural Society (President, Secretary, OAAS Manager, etc.).
  4. Make sure the Societies in your District understand the function and benefits of the OAAS. 
  5. Work with the District Board to ensure that your District Policy Documents are up to date and that Societies in your District have their own constitution and bylaws and that both are understood and used.
  6. Assist the Societies in your District to properly word any resolutions or proposals submitted on their behalf. Submitters should refer to the Resolution Factsheet. Submissions should be forwarded to OAAS Manager 60 days prior to convention.
  7. Encourage the secretaries of the Societies to forward the annual affiliation fees and fair summary information etc. promptly to the Manager of the OAAS.
  8. Good public relations are important and necessary.  You are speaking, as a representative of all the Societies in your District, so be careful of what you say.  Be helpful and offer encouragement, not discouragement.  Visit as many fairs as may be convenient. Attend your District Society annual meetings.
  9. Assist Societies with selection of qualified judges, as requested.
  10. Ensure judges’ training workshops are organized as needed in your District.
  11. Communicate with District Societies throughout the year, to collect information, assist with planning workshops and training sessions.