The OAAS is a non-profit organization incorporated under the Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act 1988. The role of the Board of Directors is to provide overall leadership for the association and to ensure that its mission and vision are fulfilled. 

The Board of Directors meet a minimum of 3 times / year in person and attend regular Conference Call Board and Committee Meetings.  Directors are expected to prepare for, attend and participate in these very important meetings.  Agendas and information packages will be sent via email prior to each meeting.  Each Director will also be expected to participate and take an active role in a number of operational and convention committees.  

It is important to understand that the position of Provincial Director since February 2017, has a much different role/responsibility than the past Agricultural and Homecraft Director representatives on the OAAS Board.  The Provincial Directors will be mainly dealing with the OAAS Board and all that is involved in the operations of the OAAS.  Their involvement in the District and Society activities will be to liaise with the District Directors and pass directions and information back and forth between the local Districts and the OAAS Board.

OAAS will provide mandatory Board member training annually to assist Directors in fulfilling their duties.

Individuals considering the position of Provincial Director should be able to commit to the following: 

  1. Director term is 3 years. And maybe elected for 2 more terms.
  2. Have the responsibility of providing direction and vision on behalf of all the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies
  3. Be aware of the roles and responsibilities of a Provincial Director and are prepared to commit the time and energy to the position.
  4. Attend the OAAS Convention, AGM and other OAAS meetings (3 or more) and conference calls and be an active participant at those. (Schedule of Board meetings will be provided 3 years in advance)
  5. Be an active and participating member of at least 2 OAAS Committees.
  6. Attend all District Director Board Meetings regularly and act as liaison between the District Board and OAAS.
  7. Ensure the Societies in your District understand the function of the OAAS.  Make it clear to them, they are members of OAAS and that you are their representative on the OAAS Board.
  8. Inform the Board immediately if there is a potential conflict of interest.
  9. Keep informed on all activities of the OAAS, its board and its committees.
  10. Become familiar with the OAAS Constitution and by-laws.
  11. Act in accordance with the associations constitution and bylaws, policies and procedures and ensure that they are reviewed and updated as required.
  12. Working with the other Board members to ensure that there are clear job descriptions and all staff are trained properly, as required.
  13. Working with the other Board members to ensure that there are correct procedures in place for disbursement or receipt of funds, and that insurance is acquired to cover risk, and update as required.
  14. Working with the other Board members to ensure that the organization's programs are regularly evaluated.
  15. Consider resigning from the Board if you cannot fulfill the duties and commitments of the position and let the District select another Director.

If you wish more information or have any questions regarding the new Provincial Director, please contact Vince Brennan OAAS  Manager